Is winter break right around the corner for you? Not sure how to end the year with your students? Here are my top five activities that are super easy to use in your classroom!

1.) Class Snowflake Creator

This is a fun way to build community with your students. This activity will take between 10-20 minutes. Give students some time to create their snowflake and then give them time to “walk” the snowflake gallery and vote on their classmate’s snowflakes. Bonus: After the activity, screenshot student’s snowflakes to add to your virtual classroom.

2.) Design an Ugly Sweater

Sending students off with an ugly sweater day? Add to the fun and have them create their own! Give them at least 5 minutes to play around with their sweater design and share class creations through your zoom screen share.

3.) Pixel Art

A fun activity to do with students to help practice any topic! Pixel art activities can easily be edited to support any topic and content. Use this video tutorial to help you edit.

4.) End of Year Survey

This is a great way to figure out what went well in the first part of the year and how you can changes things moving into the new year. Linked is my check in survey that I provide students on Fridays. You can use this as a starting point for your end of year survey.

5.) Gimkit “Trust No One”

This is a crowd pleaser! Use this activity only if you have more than thirty minutes in your class period. It’ll take a bit of time to introduce it to students if you’re playing for the first time. When I did this with my students, I provided them with the practice set as a “homework” assignment the day before our game day so that they were familiar with the set. Linked are the sets I used for my three courses: Slope and Y-Intercept, Integer Operation, Commutative/Associative/Identity Property.

Hope these help and if you use any of these I’d love to see how it goes in your classroom! Tag me on social media @mathwithmsyi.

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