I love giving gifts but at the end of the year I’m usually so overwhelmed and student gifts are the last thing on my mind. Last year, I *surprisingly* had a free moment and put together these quick and easy personalized stencil bookmarks for my students.

Materials that I used:


  1. On my cricut design space, I created 8 rectangles with dimensions of approximately 5.75 inches x 2.75 inches. I laid these out onto a 12×12 design space.
  2. With the shape tool I added a small circle to the top of each rectangle for the ribbon. 
  3. Type out your student’s names on to each rectangle aligning them vertically. I used first and last names to make it more personalized but it’s your choice!
  4. Put a light filter sheet on your mat, set the cut setting to poster board and cut!
  5. When cutting is done, pop out your bookmarks, tie a ribbon through the hole and you’re done!

Things to keep in mind:

If you end up creating these for your students I’d love to see it! Tag me in your pictures @mathwithmsyi.

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