March 13th was our last day of in-person school. On March 20th, I knew Fred and I would be in California for the following year. I started applying to schools in the first week of April.

Before job searching, I talked to a few hiring managers to understand the current teacher market in light of COVID-19.

Dave Bress, Director of Talent at KIPP Bay Area Public Schools in California told me that,

“With shelter-in-place we’ve noticed an uptick in teacher retention.  These are unprecedented times, and with all that uncertainty, people know they have a stable, reliable role at our school that’s not impacted by market forces.”

On the other end of the coast in Boston, Amanda Kay Loring, Director of Operations at Boston Collegiate Charter School told me that,

“Our turnover rates were already very low this year and we have not added any additional openings since we closed in mid-March, which is very unusual.”

With their observations, I went into the job search knowing that available positions might be slimmer than usual. I also knew that I wanted to work in a public school so I sent a majority of my applications there. I did throw my hat in the ring for a few private schools as well since I was worried I wouldn’t find anything in the current economy. 

Applying to Schools

Below is a list of schools (with pseudonyms) that I applied to as well as the application status. 

Final Thoughts

From my first application to the time it took me to get my first job offer, the whole process took me about two and a half months. Below are a few tips I learned and things I experienced during the job search process:

Let me know below if there is anything else you would like to know about my experience!

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P.S. If you’re in the Bay Area looking for a job, send Dave an email at and let him know I sent you!

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