Since I was young, the anticipation of summer break was always so strong. Now as a teacher, the anticipation is just as strong because I am finally kid-free! 

As a middle school math teacher, I know first hand how difficult it is to keep kids entertained and that it is not any easier during the summer heat. Here are three simple indoor activities you can host with your children at home this summer.

Get your kids reading

During the school year, my students have silent reading built into their day but it never seems like enough time especially when they find a book they love. Take your kids to the library and allow them to choose the books they like. Remember, graphic novels are real books, too. Having a book they love will allow your kids to continue fostering a love of reading even while out of school. I have a curated list of books my fifth graders loved this past year on my Amazon page. Below are some of the most popular books that my students loved most! Fun Fact: Anya’s Ghost was the first brand new book in my library to fall apart from overuse. 

To add some accountability to their reading, you can also provide your kids with a simple reading log to track how many pages they read in 30 minutes. Here is a log similar to the ones my students used this school year. I’ve also included some prompting questions you can use when talking to your kids about the books they’re reading. Having informal conversations about their reading can help your kids grow in their reading skills and most importantly continues to cultivate their love for books.

Indoor Movie Day

Set up a movie day with your kids. You can make it feel campy by setting up a projector, pulling out the blankets and popping some popcorn! As a teacher, I know all too well how precious a little quiet time can be. The kids will love it and you will thank yourself for putting it together. Once it’s set up, it’s time for you to get some work done or to just sit back and relax!

Make your own slime

The amount of slime I’ve confiscated in the past few years of teaching middle school is unreal. I was once a middle schooler so I totally get the hype of slime. With all the hype around slime, hosting a slime making day for your kids is the perfect way to relax indoors and is a great way to create something tangible for your kids to take away from their day. There are plenty of homemade slime recipes that you can find online through a simple search but there are also premade slime kits that you can purchase–why not make it easier on yourself? The advantage of the kit is that it is 100% error-proof in that you have all the materials you need right in front of you. This glow in the dark slime kit is simple, fun and your kids will love it. If you’re not into the glow in dark colors, Elmer also has a traditional colored one here

Regardless of what you and your family decide to do this summer, remember to keep it fun. These are the moments your kids will cherish before they head back to school for another full year of growth and learning!

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