Since I’ve started teaching, I’ve been in four different cities. Each time I had no idea what the schools out there were like and had to start from scratch. If you are a teacher who is moving to a new city and are unsure of how to find a job here are some of my top tips.

1.) Explore the area around the city.

If possible, try to visit the city before you move to get a sense of what the area is like. If a visit is not feasible, my favorite thing to do is to go on google maps. On google maps I will just put “schools” into the search bar to look for schools in the area.

2.) Explore Job Boards

Some states have job boards that are JUST for education. For example in California, will be your best friend. This is not to say ALL possible job openings will be posted on the state job board. Certain districts and schools might hire through their own platform. Hot tip: If you’re on a school’s website scroll to the bottom and they usually have a tiny button that might say “Join Our Team” or it could be embedded within their menu bar. Make sure to do the research so you don’t miss any opportunities. 

3.) Use

As teachers we love our data and is a teacher’s dream come true. It gives pretty comprehensive data on schools and has allowed me to learn more about a school before I apply and interview.

4.) Look through School Websites

In addition, read through each school’s website paying close attention to their “About” or “Message from the Principal” section. You want to work at a school where the value of education align with yours. If nothing there inspires you–keep looking.

5.) Interview the School

I know mid pandemic combined with high rates of unemployment doesn’t seem like a time to be picky but ask questions of the school. Make sure it’s a school you want to work in. If anything you don’t want to be surprised when you get to the school and realize the position was a lot different than you anticipated. 

Hope these tips help you jumpstart your job search. Though I’ve gone through this process countless times I am still learning as I go. This process is SO hard and sometimes comes with a lot of discouragement but it’s worth it!

Let me know below what other tips or questions you have!

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