As many of you know Fred and I have spent the last month getting adjusted to our new home in California. When we were back in Boston we bought a majority of our large furniture and now I’m working on the smaller decor items. As most millennials, I’ve been obsessed with the white/marble/gold theme. These were my favorite and budget friendly decor items. 

  1. Full Size Gold Mirror : I originally had my eye on this Metal Frame 72” Mirror from West Elm but it was way outside of my price range. After reading reviews and price checking I found a dupe mirror (that’s a little smaller) from Lowes. Still waiting for it to arrive so will let you know how it is once I get it. 
  1. Gold And Glass Honeycomb Wall Shelf : This item was honestly a HUGE splurge. I originally looked at these Modern Wooden Shelves from Kate and Laurel but for a similar price these looked so much cuter.  I ordered them 15% off with curbside pickup and got an extra 10% off with a code so it came out to be $59 after tax. Will update on my thoughts after I pick it up. 
  1. Modern Round Side Coffee Table: My sister bought these last year for her apartment and used them as bedside tables. These are SO cute and are super easy to assemble/disassemble for moves. 
  1. Standing Bright Light: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lamp. It is so easy on the eyes and is activated through touch and has three brightness levels. This doubled for me as a ring light when I was on zoom calls for more flattering lighting. 
  1. Magnetic Monthly Calendar: This calendar is currently my lifesaver. I use it to help me keep track of the summer dates because they just seem to fly by!  

Let me know below what some of your favorite household furniture items are! If you try out any of these in your own space I’d love to see it! 

If you made it this far, here’s a small freebie for you! I’ve been using this printable July calendar to jot down my daily goals to stay productive. Enjoy!

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